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Company: World VPN

Type of employment: part-time work

If you require additional earnings without specific work experience in the field - this is the offer for you!

About the company: We have the ambition to develop an ecosystem of tools that can become a privacy and security utility for people who seek to understand different aspects of their digital lives and feel more confident by adopting online protection solutions.Trust is paramount for us. We seek trust by delivering high quality, working innovations in the cybersecurity sphere. Since its beginning, World VPN has been recognized by a number of acknowledged independent organizations.

Our offer:

- Salary from 300$ per month.
- Ability to improve the professional skills with further career growth.
- Part-time employment.
- Free schedule of work.
- No special experience in the field. Your tasks:
- Maintain and monitor the project and its subsequent development.
- Project administration.
- Work with clients. Help and support for clients.
- Financial management at a basic level. Requirements:
- Knowledge of English language.
- High school education.
- Financial literacy.
- Ability to work on a computer.
- Knowledge of the Internet.
- Learning ability, commitment and mobility.

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Please send your CV with the subject "Regional Representative. The Colombia

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