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Hola Henry Alexander Galvis Amaya te busco. Soy tu padre Plutarco Galvis Jimenez. Naciste un 28 de Junio de 1978. Tu madre Myriam Amaya te entregó en adopción sin mi autorización. Escribeme a plutarcogalvis@gmail.com

My name is Plutarco Galvis Jimenez, my son was given up for adoption by his mother Myriam Amaya without my consent in Bogotá, Colombia at the ICBF and FANA foundation in year 1988.

My son was born in Bogotá, Colombia on June 28th, 1978, Hospital Lorencita Villegas and his name on the certificate of relationship is Henry Alexander Galvis Amaya.

Please if you can help me I have been looking for him for several years. I recently achived to contact his mother after many years and we managed to send the request for data updates to the ICBF so that Henry can contact us in case he decides to search for his origin. I really want to know about my son, since the adoption was without my consent and I do not know how the FANA and ICBF managed to get him out of the Bogota airport, since according to his mother, FANA carried out the adoption only with her signature after having published in the newspaper La Republica on May 10, 1988, that they were looking for me as father but I did not know about this publication and I never gave my consent that he would be delivered for adoption.

I beg and implore for your help.
I look forward to your kind response. For contact: plutarcogalvis@gmail.com

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